Why? Because it's time to take matters into your own hands when it comes to what your kids wear and for a better future for all our children. MiEna is taking a stand to do just that. Selling your pre-loved designer kidswear to MiEna is your way of taking a stand with us. 

Selling with MiEna is Simple.

Submit and get paid - you don't have to wait for your pieces to be resold, we're not a consignment store. We believe in the products we source, buy and curate and we will do the work to get them sold. 

We Make Luxury Childrenswear Affordable.

Wellcrafted clothes and accessories for kids are built to last so why not extend the life of these for all our children? Our 'designer pay it forward' motto means our customers can enjoy the highest quality apparel, shoes and accessories for your kids at a fraction of the price. 

Selling to MiEna is a Smart Business Decision.

Buying luxury childrenswear is an investment and there is an opportunity to see a return when you sell to MiEna. The data in pre-loved purchasing globally speaks for itself - there's a demand and its projected to increase. 

1 out of every 2 moms with young kids plans to spend more on secondhand in the next 5 years.

Studies show that parents are turning to thrift to ease the burden of the high costs of kids clothing, shoes and accessories. 

While the demand for secondhand is surging, demand for new clothing marketed as 'sustainable' is declining. 

In 2020, 223 million consumers say they have or are open to shopping secondhand products. 

Globally, customers miss out on an average $460 billion worth of value each year by throwing away clothes that they or someone else, could continue to wear. 


How Much Will I Earn Selling to MiEna?

When we receive your Sales Order form we will evaluate the condition of the item , as well as its market value (new / preloved), and determine its’ recommended sale price; prices may fluctuate and commissions may change at our discretion.

How Is My Payment Processed?
  • If you want to sell : Cash deposited  8 - 72 hours after we receive your order physically, subject to physical quality review.
  • If you want to trade: a MiEna Site Credit will automatically be credited to your account once we receive and accept your order physically. Vendors will receive a 10% discount for site credit trades. Note: Site credit is not convertible to cash and refunds for purchases made with site credit will be processed equally, as store credit for the same amount. 
How Do I Send My Items? 
  • Shipping to MiEna: Once your sales order is accepted, you will receive a prepaid shipping label with mailing instructions.
  • Local Pickup: If you’re based in South Florida and a local pick up may be arranged, we will schedule a pickup. 
What Happens If My Items Don't Pass the Review?

If there’s a discrepancy between the items described in your forms and the items received,we may reject these at our own discretion. Items may be mailed back, shipping costs to be covered by the vendor, or we may donate these to organizations that support local families.When we reject an order, the vendor has up to 7 business days to confirm next steps.

 Pre-Loved Products We are Buying Right Now

MiEna is current sourcing new or used pre-loved luxury childrenswear that’s ready to wear and meets our condition standards, i.e. no stains, damages, missing pieces or odors. 

  • Some of the brands we carry: Baby Dior, Burberry, Foque, Gucci, Jacadi, Janie and Jack, Kissy Kissy, T.B.B.B,  Ralph Lauren, amongst many more. 
  • We also love to find unbranded or unique vintage pieces that maintain its quality and character, share them with us and we’ll review them. 
  • If you’re a local business owner in remote locations that have limited access to sell your products online and you believe that these are designer worthy pieces, new or pre-loved, please share these as well. We would love to open our doors to expand your business. 

Are You Ready to Sell? It's Simple and Easy.

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