Our Story


MiEna is a luxury resale site for high quality childrenswear + accessories. The concept and vision for MiEna was birthed from a mother’s desire to redesign the way we buy childrenswear, to efficiently provide economic and environmental savings. 

MiEna was established to create a stress-free and conscious shopping and selling experience for an eco-friendly community.

"When I became a mother, I struggled to find classic and playful clothes for my kids, I invested shopping for European brands every time I travelled, yet as they quickly outgrew their clothes my investment went to ‘waste’. Trying to extend their life, I donated clothes to family and close friends and I always loved to see their excitement as they were amazed by how beautiful and well-kept everything was. Everyone thought that the only way they could get pieces like these was through family and friends that they trusted. It was then that I felt the need to create a platform to expand our circle of friends, to make this joy our business."

- Nicole Polanco. Owner, MiEna


At MiEna we promise to provide our customers with the highest of quality designer merchandise every time you shop. Our curated, resale kids’ products are expertly crafted, assure long wear and will keep their charm and value even after it’s been pre-loved. To make shopping with us even more special, MiEna is committed to providing a fanciful, playful, and unique experience that pairs beautifully with each of our designer brand’s commitment to excellence. 

The Best Part -

We Keep It Simple for You. 

Sourcing our merchandise isn’t a thrift store treasure hunt, no, we painstakingly locate the very best children’s items, working closely with designer vendors worldwide, from Spain to Paris, London to the Dominican Republic. This dedication to curating each collection means MiEna carries unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Not Consignment. MiEna buys direct, you don’t have to wait for us to resell.  

Another wonderful aspect of MiEna? We believe and support the talent and hard work of local artisans who strive to produce high quality items that unfortunately have little to no access to selling platforms. Why feel like you have to travel to Portugal to buy an embroidered bib with the finest of details, or pay the high exchange rates and shipping to bring home a one of a kind dress or onesie? MiEna also connects with each of our local shop makers for you. 

Just browse all our fabulous finds, click and buy from our artisans' pop-up sales.